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Smoke Up

name: Lauren

age: seventeen for another few months. holla!

sex: no thanks.

where do you live? right below heaven in the 7/5/7 my nigga.
(that's virginia beach to those of you who don't know)

sexual preference: i like dick.

how long have you smoked for? almost 8 years. fuckin' pothead.

how often do you smoke? at least twice daily.

do you do anything other than smoking pot? duh.

how do you feel about cigarettes? i smoke newports, but i'd like to quit by december.

what is your view on weed being a "gateway" drug? pssshhhh. fuck that. "weed isn't a drug, it's a fucking plant. it just grows like that. drugs - you gotta add water, baking soda, i don't know the recipe, i'm just sayinn'! "

what do you smoke from? i <3 blunts (i mean, hey, i AM the dutchess) , but i'll smoke out of anything as long as it's not some crappy homemade piece of shit that can't hit worth a damn. ya know??

Your best stoner story (can be a true story, something you made up, whatever you want): nothing beats this: back in high school, my friend steve & [former friend] sarah & i would meet up every morning and blaze. one day, sarah was late, and we never met up. so as steve and i walked through the parking lot to school, i saw sarah's car. i dropped all my pot, my bowl, my visine, and my cigarettes off in her car, and we headed to school for the day. well, turns out, soem cops were searching through the parking lot that day and noticed my ganja in the backseat. so they pulled sarah out of class. there was about an O in her glovebox, i had about a half in the backseat, 2 bowls, countless lighters & packs of cigarettes, AND visine in the car... allllll gone! they pulled her out of class, then they pulled me out of class. i got away scott free cuz i didn't have anything on me, but poor sarah got expelled. eh. oh well. serves the dumb bitch right. that's a pretty good stoner story if ya ask me... well, at least on my end. haha

other stuff
name some bands/artists you like: <3reggae, <3rap, <3oldies, <3hiphop, <3techno, <3rock n roll. <3local bands. dude, seriously, i love ALL music.

a couple interests: drugs. sex. music. laughing. love.

a few facts about you(7):
- i can wiggle my ears
- they call me the dutchess - because you can't roll a blunt better than me
- my bowl's name is Esteban
- i'm 5"5
- i have flintstone feet. they're freakin huge. well, not in a grotesque sort of way though
- i cry during chick flicks
- odds are, you'll never see me sober for long

peeves you? wasting time
pleases you? having fun
turns you on? boys that smell delicious
turns you off? anyone with fucked up teeth
guilty pleasure? mm, porn? i dunno.

give any one reason why you want to join/be accepted (anything at all): because i'm a proud stoner. duh.


get at me <3
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