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name: monika nicolette.
age: 16.
sex: female.
where do you live? long island, new york.
sexual preference (optional): prefer guys but DEFINITELY don't mind girls. ;)

how long have you smoked for? three years.

how often do you smoke? every fucking day.

do you do anything other than smoking pot? no, but looking into trying shrooms.

how do you feel about cigarettes? can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

what is your view on weed being a "gateway" drug? it's bullshit. don't blame the weed on people's curiousity.

what do you smoke from? lately, my bat. i prefer any glass piece, really. love bowls and bongs.

your best stoner story (can be a true story, something you made up, whatever you want): okay, i was smoking with my friend in the woods. theres a bench on each side of the creek we were sitting by. we were sitting on one side about to spark up a j, when these people come and take a seat on the bench on the other side. we didn't know if it was safe or not because they kept looking at us and we kept checking them out. one of the guys was sitting looking down at something in his hand that looked like a cigarette. so we finally said fuck it and lit up the j. we looked over and turns out the "cigarette" in the guys hand was a joint, too. and that me and my friend, and that guy and his friend were in the exact same situation and we were both deciding whether or not to let our guard down. and once they saw us light our joint, they lit theirs. and we both toked in peace.

other stuff
name some bands/artists you like: sublime, long beach dub allstars, 311, bob marley, peter tosh, pepper, toots and the maytals, king tubby, citizen fish, anything ska, reggae, or dub.

a couple interests: playing guitar, bass, drums, harmonica, drawing, writing, reading, sudoku, taking walks in unfamiliar places.

a few facts about you(7):
- my mom used to drug test me, but that didn't stop me.
- i love getting philosophical when i'm high.
- favorite food to eat when i'm high is probably apple jacks. (i love cereal.)
- i'm doing my dreadies soon.
- i spend way too much of my time on aim. sn; monika nicolette. (add me.)
- i don't mind smoking people out. if you're with me and you wanna get high, you're gonna get high.
- i have a strange obsession with bradley nowell.

peeves you? people who don't tend to their finger/toenails.
pleases you? smoke in my lungsss.
turns you on? people who can carry out an intelligent conversation.
turns you off? conceit.
guilty pleasure? can't really say i have one.

give any one reason why you want to join/be accepted (anything at all): i like meeting people with the same interests as me.


my friend gram and i. i was ripped as fuck.

my piece with some bud.

my piece.


not my piece, but this always has been one of my favorite pictures.


please promote to 2 communities and show which they were
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