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i haven't posted in a while

hmm.. how's everyone's month been coming along?
i've been shmokin pot, as usual.. smoked a nice big fattie last night (along with a little one pape), i was soo high. haha, it wasn't even that i was high.. i was just fucked up. lol. really happy :) i miss chilling with Brandon and Linzi.. togetherrr. but it's different now (when you two do decide to be civil, which is when you two are together. thankfully).. when will you two make up and be friends again? :(
smoked a nice fattie the other night with Brandon and Steff.. and this other chick that i've only met like 3 times now. i was pretty high then too.. hmm.. smoked a joint friday.. but i was in oshawa all weekend! my sister and i tried to look for a joint at like 1:30am ..but it was dead around. goddamn small towns! =/ i wish she still lived in the south end.. then we could probably find a joint.

umm.. promote promote? we need s'more new memberss!!
i want everyone to promote to at least one community and make a post showing that you did. i won't be happy if you donn'tt... *shakes fist*

anyways i gotta go meet up with brandon to grab :) so good day!
smoke a joint!
(or a bowl!)
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