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death to whoever is in charge.

well, monday was my birthday for those who didn't know that.. but i'm shure i've probably posted about it.
this march break has been so great.. i've been fucked up every day! but what's whack is that i think i was most sober on my birthday.. (probably cuz i was kinda pissed.. it's harder to get intoxicated when you're upset). oh and i broke my pipe on my birthday too :( so my friend Scott said that sinse he got a new pipe, he's going to give me his..the same exact pipe! haha. i think his is still actually pink too (not orange and black =/) .. ssoooo maybeh i'll get some pictures done.

oh and my camera is busted. there's something wrong with it internally (MOTHERFUCKERRRSSS!! its shit like this that makes me want to break stufff) ... so i have to send it in. and that means that i probably won't get to use all my coupons ;__;.

uuuggghhh.. why does it seem like everything bad happens to me.. it's like, nice things do happen to me..but there's some form of bad always accompying it.
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