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i'm in class.. so making this quick

wowwww... this community is dying! dying, i say, dying! i have to do something about this. and hopefully if i show some effort, some initiative, maybe you guys will too?

okay, lets see.. everyone put in some in put here cuz i'm going to ask you a few questions.. please just copy and past the questions and comment with your answers.

1) are you guys still interested in this community?
2) if i made promoting easier (all you had to do was cut and paste), would you guys promote more?
3) if i promoted more, would you guys promote more?
4) if i started actually booting people out and shit for not being active.. would that do anything? >>
5) do you guys even care about this any more?

thanks... i'd appreciate your input because i'm still interested in doing this community, but nobody else does! no one even UPDATES anymore other than me! like what happened?

and yeah.. i broke my pipe *cries* on my fucking birthday.. i was in denial though, i think. it didn't bother me too much.. i was all "i'll fix it. it will be better." ..but now i'm just like "fuck" cuz it's still not fixed! ahhh stoner procrastination.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.... make me think that this community is still worth keeping.
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